We turn flash into fire. Blockchain technology has enormous unrealised potential, and we are here to support founders who use that potential to build transformative products. AlphaLab Capital invests in pre-seed and seed stage companies, bringing our extensive experience in technology and liquidity to aid founders during a key period of growth. We focus on infrastructure, DeFi, analytics, and security: areas where our operational expertise enables us to contribute significantly to the growth of our portfolio companies.

NFT collateralized lending

DeFi portfolio tracking and analytics

Cross-chain communications

Self-custodial crypto exchange
Decentralized RPC and API access

Digital asset custody solution

DeFi yield platform

Web3 gaming guild

AI-powered research platform

Finance dashboard for web3 teams

NFT trust and safety solution

Digital asset trade execution

Aptos DEX and wallet

Lending with Real World Assets

On-chain order book on Aptos

Web3 access management

Crypto Infrastructure for Latam

Web3 RPG gaming

Crypto investments for rational people